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  • Aditya Kaushika

How to use LinkedIn for B2B sales

Let's talk LinkedIn Outreach today - How & Why I use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most versatile social media platform out there. What are the different ways in which I can interact with someone on LinkedIn?

1. Send the prospect a LinkedIn Connection request -> Take the personalized line that you have already written for the cold email and use that as the "note" in your LinkedIn request. They've read your name before, they are more likely to accept.

2. View their profile -> Unlike other social media platforms, prospects get a notification when someone views their profile. I know this is maxed out at 5 for free accounts, but the majority of CMOs have LinkedIn Premium. Aren't you always interested when someone new views your profile?

3. Send them an InMail -> This is a clutter-free inbox that most entrepreneurs don't utilize. Copy your email, send it in here. You get credits per month and you can always buy more for quite cheap.

4. Invite prospects to your page -> Every company has a LinkedIn Page. Fill the page with the information you want your prospects to know and send them an Invite. Every admin gets 100 invitations per month.

5. Post valuable content -> Since I've started posting content and sharing it on my company page, my post interactions are up almost 5000% and our website traffic is up 250%.

6. Use job postings -> So under-utilized for entrepreneurs. I have a notification that tells me every time a bank or a credit union has a new "SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Email Marketing" job posting. You know that the CMO, Director of Marketing, and the HR Rep is getting a message from me that day.

One thing that people hate on LinkedIn though - do not ask for a call on the first outreach. Once someone accepts your request, become a consultant first. Ask questions, gauge interest. Once they are engaged, then you can ask for a call.

Disclaimer: LinkedIn should only be used for B2B outreach. There are strict laws prohibiting B2C outreach with the tools outlined above.