Our Expertise
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Machine Learning Models

Create and maintain machine learning models for predictive analytics. Use data to predict future outcomes and help companies make proactive rather than reactive decisions

Clustering Models​

Develop clustering algorithms and segmentation models using machine learning techniques. Create clusters with unique characteristics to help users be more deliberate and targeted.

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Time Series Forecasting Models

Develop and maintain time series models to forecast future trends, seasonality, and cyclicality using sophisticated time series algorithms. Help budget more deliberately, plan for growth, improve production scheduling, understand customer behavior, and improve cash flow and credit management

Simulation & Optimization Models

Create models and run millions of simulations of potential future scenarios. Identify optimal decisions (Eg: order quantity to maximize profit), explore “what-if” scenarios, and understand the impact of risk and uncertainty

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

Develop real-time and interactive dashboarding and reporting tools to visualize raw data. Use valuable insights and intuitive data presentation to make more informed decisions