Our Agile & CRISP-DM based

“Meta” Methodology

Business Discovery Phase.png
Business Discovery
Preparation Phase.png
Preparation Phase
Modeling Phase.png
Modeling Phase​​
Validation Phase​​
Deployment and Maintenance Phase.png
Deployment & Maintenance Phase
  • Launch a Strategy Workshop
  • Ask core questions to uncover your unique needs

  • Conduct resource recognition to match our capabilities with your needs 

  • Establish support, trust, and motivation with your data teams

  • Understand details about data infrastructure & our toolset alignment

  • Extract data

  • Preprocess and parse the data as needed

  • Prioritize transparency by providing ongoing education

  • Use our arsenal of algorithms & softwares to create preliminary models 

  • Run thousands of experiments in parallel

  • Engineer features and tune hyperparameters to improve model accuracy

  • Select the model that is most likely to succeed

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders and technical partners

  • Focus on assessment & feedback of preliminary models

  • Return back to the preparation and modeling phase with the feedback

  • Continue iterative process until key stakeholders are satisfied

  • Provide models and/or final recommendations from models

  • Integrate the model with APIs or front-end applications

  • Maintain and update the model/application as needed

Why are we different?
  • ​We prioritize your needs & will not force fit your unique needs into a pre-made product​

  • We focus on the intangible aspects of product development just as much as the technical aspects

  • We focus on teaching you and your team the details & train of thought behind all recommendations

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